Zion’s Finest

Episode 070 - Spectre Reigns!

September 22, 2018


In this episode, Aaron Ross--my dear brother--comes on the podcast to report on his winning the last store championship in Utah for the current season. He discusses his build, why he took Extra Armor over Doubt, what his command cards were, and how he thinks Spectre fared and will fare in the future.

Aaron is an awesome local player and this is an excellent preliminary discussion of Spectre's clear strengths.


If you're interested in participating in our Vassal League, please join our Slack Channel. The current season will be finished in a few weeks and we will be ready to start for another round. It's an excellent opportunity for players to get reps and for newer players to cut their chops with those who've been round the bend a few times.

Send an email to zionsfinestia@gmail.com and we'll get you an invite.

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