Zion’s Finest

Episode 099 - Again We Gather Round the Board

March 27, 2019

We few, we happy few. Friends, what an incredible ride we have had. In the last two years, we created a Slack that has grown to over two hundred and fifty players, started a podcast that has consumed almost one hundred thousand hours of people's waking time, got organized about IA skirmish, and have sustained competitive skirmish far longer than it would have lasted without our efforts. 

In this episode, we give one final joust into the Worlds prep meta and then proceed to wax both salty (about FFG) and sweet (about literally everything besides FFG). This is a glorious episode and I know you will enjoy it.

Oh how I cannot wait to see your glorious visages at Worlds. We'll be recording Episode 100 on-site, and lots is going to be happening, so make sure that everyone stays close to the Renaissance so that we can ensure that we get lots of participation in all the side events that we will be doing (Smash, Root, Two Rooms and a Boom, and much much more).