Zion’s Finest

Episode 103 - A New Hope

May 22, 2019

FRIENDS! Are you disheartened that FFG sux? Do you wish that they would get off it and do something about our most beloved game?

Well, I got bad news, and I have good news. You know the bad news: FFG sux. But there is good, great, glorious news, and that is that we have the best gaming community that has ever existed (THAT'S RIGHT I PHRASED IT IN THE EMPHATIC DECLARATIVE). Because we are the best gaming community, we are focused on making sure that players have the resources to continue to enjoy and love this game, which serves as the predicate condition for ...


The Imperial Assault Continuity Project is the product of collaboration, discussion, argument (only a little), and the white hot passion of the Imperial Assault community. In this episode, I got some of the more-involved players to come on and talk about the project, what it hopes to accomplish, and how we can help.

I know you will enjoy it.