Episode 098 - They Came To Zion!

March 17, 2019


Sam Sweeten and I give a rundown on the recent, AMAZING, online Vassal tournament that the Zion's Finest crew hosted. We had forty-one players show up for an epic bout of swiss. There weren't a ton of surprises; no IG or Han in the cut, and no Alliance Rangers in the tournament at all, and I think it gives us an excellent picture of what to expect at Worlds.


Episode 097 - Courting Counsel Contra Challengers

March 8, 2019


DT graciously agreed to come on the podcast in order to give some very sage counsel regarding Worlds Prep. Our conversation focuses around Spectre, obvs, and DT has the usual incredible insights regarding positioning, advantage, and strategy that I am sure will take him to the four-peat.

Buckle up and prepare your brain, you are in for a crazy ride.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Good luck on Saturday to the Vassal tournament participants!

Episode 096 - Twice More Unto the Breach! (Worlds Prep II)

March 4, 2019

The follow-up to Episode 095. Make sure to listen to that episode first!

Episode 095 - Once More Unto The Breach (Worlds Prep I)

March 4, 2019


Scott, Jamal, Matt, Dave, and I gathered round the board to discuss Worlds prep. We focused on the major non-Spectre archetypes for the nine players planning to not play Spectre at Worlds. We have a lot of fun, and we talk about how we have adjusted our play style or what our plan is for defeating Spectre at Worlds. So it's a good episode for you Spectre players looking to crush our hopes and dreams.

Check out Episode 096, which is the second part of this episode (because we planned--and did--run a bit long).

MAKE SURE TO GET YOURSELVES PREPPED FOR THE VASSAL REGIONAL THIS SATURDAY! Even if you're not playing any games, it's going to be a great way to prep for Worlds as you watch players go through the paces on the various maps.


Episode 094 - I Hear Spectre In the Sound

February 20, 2019


Noa Pestana, an incredible and long-standing member of the northwestern US IA community, was the champion of the Seattle Regional! The Seattle Regional is one of the most competitive in the world and they had a great showing this year. Many props to Noa for bringing it home.

Subscribe to Noa's Youtube channel! It has awesome IA content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-Eab4g9zRXwdZjVdzS-DQ


We're going to be having some awesome episodes in the coming weeks getting ready for Worlds and announcing some new things on our IA horizon. Thank you to everyone who continues to be such positive members of the community. We love and need you all.


Episode 093 - The Darkest Hour

February 12, 2019

We are in the preliminary stage of one of the greatest battles in history....

So said Winston Churchill at a time when it actually mattered and before England would again pour itself out in the defense of its ancient kingdom and liberties.


I wanted to make a lot of clever comparisons between Lothal Blitz and the air campaign waged in the defense of Britain, but fortunately came to my senses and decided instead to merely quote the eminent statesmen and include a selection of music from Oldman's masterwork.

On to the real bit. Friends, Spectre on Lothal Blitz is one hundred percent broken. In a non-mirror match, where the opposing list needs at least one turn to gin up in terms of focusing, drawing command cards, etc., Spectre will win approximately ninety percent of the time. I am sure that some of you will think I am being hyperbolic (I am not), that more testing is necessary (it isn't), and that we can crack this nut before Worlds (we won't). Spectre is in their opponent's deployment zone in round one. As Matt and I discuss, in his first activation in the majority of his games as Spectre on Lothal Blitz, he was able to deal approximately fifteen damage (killing Onar, two Rangers, etc.). His first activation. I even attempted to deploy my forces at the very back of my deployment zone. It did not matter, except to briefly delay the end.

There is no way to stop Spectre when you have no time to power up your attacks, and on Blitz you will get no time.

I wish there was a bit of shine I could put on the problem, but it just isn't there. When Ugnaughts appeared and briefly dominated the meta, there was at least hope for support from FFG in the form of an errata or future product. While new product may be in the pipeline, it will not arrive before Worlds and there is a vanishingly small chance of an errata to Spectre prior to Worlds.

Let's talk about this more on the Slack. We have played it enough that we feel comfortable making these kind of stark claims. We have a lot of fun talking about the existential crisis that we think we are facing, but we keep on target enough to make our reasons clear (especially Matt, for all the obvious reasons). I have spent all my fan-capital with Todd and FFG, but if anyone has a line to someone in a position of authority, as Obi-Wan says, "Now is the time."

I love you all. Thank you so much for your support.

Episode 12 - The LaLa Regional (and Riding Into the Beautiful SoCal Sunset)

February 5, 2019

Welcome to Episode 12 of the Fully Armed and Operational Podcast!

Andrew asked if I would be willing to host their final (or is it ANDREW NICHOLAS JORGEN or is it?!) Imperial Assault episode (at least for a while), to which I happily agreed. Someone has to stick around to keep the lights on, and I'm glad that we can serve as a message board for people producing amazing content.

In this episode, Andrew and Nick give a report of their showing at the SoCal Regional. As expected, they dominated on the day, proving their mettle again and again and undoubtedly ensuring that a whole new wave of poor IA skirmishers will have PTSD like I did after I playing Nick and Jorgen.

They give a send-off, of sorts, and we can only hope that we will see them again in the future. COME ON FFG GIVE THESE BROTHERS A REASON TO COME BACK.



Episode 092 - Lovers Dying to the Ghosts of Their Past

February 5, 2019


This is part two of the Carolina Swarmers' report of the Atlanta Regional. Both Jeremy and Ryan made the cut, and they proceeded to march towards their destiny of battling each other in a fight to save the soul of the South.

I love these brothers. They did great at the regional and have great insights into their lists and the meta.

Thank you for listening, and remember to clear your calendars for March 9!

Episode 091 - It’s A Carrow-Lyna SWAAAAAARM!

February 5, 2019


You might not know this, but one of my Grandmas is from South Carolina. When she first moved to Utah I remember her ALWAYS complaining about the weather. She'd say something bad about how my beloved mountain valleys were really just the devil's refrigerators and then follow up with "the weather back home is always fiiiiiine," with the sweetest southern accent AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE I LOVE MY GRANDMA.

Whew. Sorry for that tangent. In this first part, Episode 091, Ryan and Jeremy from North Carolina give reports on their Swiss matches at the Atlanta Regional. Ryan ran Spectre with Motivation AND NO PUMMELS and Jeremy ran the Lovers' Explosive Box (Han, Drokkatta, Leia, and MHD). 

When you're done, listen to Episode 092, where they give their reports on the cut!


Episode 090 - Huckleberry Talks Postmodern

January 26, 2019

Heaven help me, I let Ben Huckleberry and Jamal take over the podcast in order to give a report on their excellent showings at the recent Omaha Regional. It was a great way to divide and conquer in our hectic regional schedule, and neither Ben nor Jamal cast too many aspersions on my character during the episode (don't worry, I know where they'll be sleeping at Worlds), so we'll consider it a success.

Enjoy the episode! It was fun to listen to while editing and not have to hear my obnoxious jokes.

Thank you all for your continued support of the podcast and on Patreon!