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Episode 112 - Exploding Kittens

Episode 112 - Exploding Kittens

December 5, 2019

Friends. If you are running Hunters or Rebel Heroes, and you run into Cats, may God have mercy on your soul. They are so dynamic, they exert so much pressure, and they are able to remove figures that you cannot protect from an insane distance away.

Jason Brege and JK came on the podcast to talk about them cats, and whew boy am I afraid of what they can do with them.


Episode 111 - The Boys Are Back!

Episode 111 - The Boys Are Back!

November 16, 2019

What an incredible joy it was to get my brothers back around the horn in order to discuss regional prep. The four of us--Matt, JK, Scott, and I--are running three different lists. We gathered to get reps in in preparation for our regional tournament in three weeks and boy did we have fun.

We break down our lists, with particular emphasis on JK's theft of David Gao's kitties and Matt and Scott's running of Vader and the Jeeeettts. You are going to love listening in on this one.

Episode 110 - An Eagle Eye, A Champion Heart

Episode 110 - An Eagle Eye, A Champion Heart

October 27, 2019

There is one person on this planet who still thinks that Han Rangers has play on Maul's map. That's right. One. We all know this person, who is of course Isaac Borno. Despite my protestations, he truly believes that Han Rangers has what it takes to make it all the way--no matter the map. I know, I know, I think he is insane as well.

Welp, turns out Isaac not only talks a good game, but walks that game. In fact, he walked it all the way to Lyon, France in order to storm French Nationals.

As someone considering giving Han Rangers a go this regional season, I tried to pick his brain to get a clue as to how to make Maul's map work, which I think is pretty tough to do. Listen in for Isaac's tips and report on French Nationals.

Thank you!

Episode 109 - Ryan Runs Ryan’s Rebels Responsibly

Episode 109 - Ryan Runs Ryan’s Rebels Responsibly

October 6, 2019

Ryan Janway: the terror of the Carolinas, the Real Ryan (or is he the other one), the man who is due all good things that come his way.

Janway comes onto the podcast to report his raucous win with his reckless Rebels in an intensely competitive Nova field.

This is an excellent conversation that will be really awesome for those of you prepping for primes.

You will enjoy!

Episode 108 - Luke Skywalks Again

Episode 108 - Luke Skywalks Again

September 16, 2019

Have you ever heard of a tournament that Luke Sykes played in where he didn't make top cut? Me neither. And guess what? Euros 2019 was no exception. The man is a machine. He calculates and commands his way to victory with incredible list diversity and creativity.

Listen to his report of his runner-up showing at the largest non-Worlds tournament of the year. You will love it. We run a bit long; Luke's report goes until about the 1:10 mark, then we start commiserating and having our real fun.

Thank you for all your support. Let me know what your ideas for our final alt-art/token/swag should be for Worlds.

Episode 107 - “I Love You” “I Know”

Episode 107 - “I Love You” “I Know”

September 5, 2019

Jeremy is a man after my own heart, and both our hearts happen to go a'flutter when we contemplate the shenanigans that happen when you combine Han, MHD, and everyone's favorite modern major general ... NO NOT GENERAL CALRISSIAN OF COURSE I AM TALKING ABOUT PRINCESS ORGANA YOU NERDS.

Listen to Jeremy's report on his runner-up run at Nova. We have a lot of fun talking about what the Box is capable of, despite an absolutely insane meta.

Episode 106 - The Beginning of the End

Episode 106 - The Beginning of the End

August 31, 2019

No need to be dramatic about it. Andrew Navaro--one of the upper-management guys at FFG--announced that IA would not be getting any further physical content. Navaro cited business reasons, and pretty heavily implied that some kind of legal issue precluded further discussion. It was also clear that not only would IA no longer be getting physical content releases but that OP support for the game would be winding down.

In this episode, I lay out what I think the path will be for the next few months. Please give it a listen and give me any feedback or suggestions as to how you think we can make our final OP season meaningful and fun. I love you all.

Good luck in the cut, Nova boys.


P.S. I forgot about all the European Championships that are going to be happening in the next few months, and I will absolutely be getting the winners on for interviews. 

Episode 105 - Nothing To Say But Uttini

Episode 105 - Nothing To Say But Uttini

August 9, 2019

Have you ever played against a Jawa Swarm? Have you ever experienced the shift in mood brought upon by an opponent seizing victory from the jaws of defeat as they kill one figure and get an additional eight points along with fifteen more from shenanigans that you never even thought possible?


Well, Pat Christian's six GenCon opponents sure did, and boy were they in for it. Pat ran a finely tuned Jawa Swarm to the top of the heap at the recent GenCon tournament and in this episode he gives us a rundown on how he did it.


Please stay active in your local community. If you are looking for ways to reengage local players with the game, the IACP is an amazing way to reintroduce skirmish to players looking to freshen things up.


Episode 104 - Bow Before Gao(s)

Episode 104 - Bow Before Gao(s)

June 11, 2019

As if David hadn't struck enough terror into the hearts of the IA community, he decided to really drive it home by showing up to the UK Game Expo in order to demonstrate the power of his fully armed and operational battle ... er ... cats.

That's right, David Gao is the UK National Champion, and he rode into and out of town on a troop of ferocious bloodthirsty Loth-Cats. I expect the Queen to grant him a peerage any moment know. Earl of Whiskerton sounds great and will make for a terrific coat of arms.

We're also joined by the other half of the London Gao family--Jessica--who also attended the UKGE and played in the Nationals tournament. She played Spectre with a 14 point command deck, with an unplayable card (Dark Energy), and she damn near won the whole thing. 

Listen to the Gaos recount the tournament. You will love it!

Episode 103 - A New Hope

Episode 103 - A New Hope

May 22, 2019

FRIENDS! Are you disheartened that FFG sux? Do you wish that they would get off it and do something about our most beloved game?

Well, I got bad news, and I have good news. You know the bad news: FFG sux. But there is good, great, glorious news, and that is that we have the best gaming community that has ever existed (THAT'S RIGHT I PHRASED IT IN THE EMPHATIC DECLARATIVE). Because we are the best gaming community, we are focused on making sure that players have the resources to continue to enjoy and love this game, which serves as the predicate condition for ...


The Imperial Assault Continuity Project is the product of collaboration, discussion, argument (only a little), and the white hot passion of the Imperial Assault community. In this episode, I got some of the more-involved players to come on and talk about the project, what it hopes to accomplish, and how we can help.

I know you will enjoy it.