Zion’s Finest

Episode 095 - Once More Unto The Breach (Worlds Prep I)

March 4, 2019


Scott, Jamal, Matt, Dave, and I gathered round the board to discuss Worlds prep. We focused on the major non-Spectre archetypes for the nine players planning to not play Spectre at Worlds. We have a lot of fun, and we talk about how we have adjusted our play style or what our plan is for defeating Spectre at Worlds. So it's a good episode for you Spectre players looking to crush our hopes and dreams.

Check out Episode 096, which is the second part of this episode (because we planned--and did--run a bit long).

MAKE SURE TO GET YOURSELVES PREPPED FOR THE VASSAL REGIONAL THIS SATURDAY! Even if you're not playing any games, it's going to be a great way to prep for Worlds as you watch players go through the paces on the various maps.